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Remote ordering of furniture in China
We have launched a service for the purchase of furniture in China at a distance. Now, in order to complete the object, you only need a computer.

The service works for completing objects on a turnkey basis, the minimum order receipt is from $ 30,000.
How do I get started?
Do you want to complete the interior: pick up replicas of furniture, lighting and plumbing of famous brands for reasonable money?
MBL Tour is a service I recommend
Mikhail, Designer's Diary
Ordering process
After you have left a request, the Manager will contact you in any convenient way (telegram, Whatsapp, email, or a call by direct phone +7 (495) 109-87-88).
Remote ordering of furniture in China
How does the work line up?

You send either a ready-made interior design project, or examples of replicas of the brands that you  are interested in, or which you liked from our Instagram / YouTube


We consider your request and make a preliminary selection and calculation based on your samples at factories in China


Next, we will organize an online meeting with the manager in China and the head of our company, where you can ask all your questions.

 At the end of the meeting, we send a preliminary calculation


According to the results of the calculation, we conclude a contract and a personal manager is assigned to you to carry out the order in China.

The duties of your personal manager include:

  • visiting the factory,
  • photo and video shooting of the product from the necessary  angles as,
  • much as possible to show you: the color/quality/shape of the product.

As a result of the selection and all approvals, We make the final specification of the order.

After that, you make a 30% prepayment in order for the product to go into production


The prepayment is paid to the factory. We place an order and monitor its production, carry out production control and coordinate the finished products with you.


When the entire batch of goods is ready, we perform a thorough quality check and send you photo and video reports of each unit of goods.

After our quality department checks the entire batch of goods, the final payment for the goods is made and the order is placed in our consolidation warehouse for further organization of delivery.


We are responsible for logistics, organize customs clearance and delivery to.

Remote order of furniture from China
Assortment of furniture from China
Plumbing Bedroom Kitchen Light Wardrobe ...
Thousands of factories in China are ready to make any furniture at any of your requests. You can also adjust the furniture from the catalog to your specifications.
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Feedback from designers
Alexander Osipov, designer: completed the object in Sochi with furniture from China
Alexander Osipov
Interior designer
Misha Shaposhnikov, author of the Designer Diary channel
During the second purchase from MBL Tour, we mainly bought upholstered furniture for our projects, now we are planning a remote purchase
Misha Shaposhnikov
Interior Designer
Yulia Tychino, Studio «Chetvertyy kvartal»:
Choice in the Chinese markets allows you to find solutions for any project and for any customer
Yulia Tychino
Interior Designer
People are talking about us
Designer's opinion
Mikhail Sboev
Interior Designer
When in China, we appreciated the quality of furniture, met the guys from the MBL Tour office, spent a lot of time in showrooms. A year later, we came with the first customers to complete our facility under construction. It not only saved us some money, but we also got good furniture. We plan to continue working with MBL Tour.
Misha Shaposhnikov
Interior Designer
With the help of this service, we have already implemented several client projects and we plan to contact them constantly. There are several videos on my channel about trips to China for furniture, when we went to shopping malls with them and looked at local furniture. We saw analogues of Italian brands, bought one of the beds for the project. The quality is top-notch. So if you need to complete the object, the guys from MBL Tour will organize everything cool for you. It will be even more convenient for someone to order remotely, because they will not have to fly to China once again.
Life Art Design Studio
Interior Designer
Once again, we want to say thank you to MBL Tour for organizing! China has a huge selection of furniture, it can be seen both in catalogs and on a trip. Then I could not go to Moscow furniture centers, it seemed that there was simply nothing to choose! The prices, of course, are far from Moscow ones, if you furnish the apartment completely, you can save a great deal) We received our order, the furniture was delivered all safe and sound, completely according to our parameters. We are satisfied, therefore, we recommend those who are engaged in the arrangement of houses, apartments, HoReCa sectors and other objects. Submit your request
Company МБЛтур
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USD on average saved per customer

We know everything about furniture and are ready to share our valuable knowledge with you!

The idea of ​​buying furniture in China is logical: it is based on the desire to purchase high-quality goods at a lower price compared to analogues. China turned out to be a suitable place to fully satisfy even the most demanding needs and at the same time fairly save money.

MBL Tour will professionally accompany you in the limitless world of furniture. The company has developed a safe and convenient service for the procurement of furniture, accessories and decoration materials in China. We strictly control every stage of the transaction and delivery, thanks to which we create the most convenient conditions for using the service for our clients and give guarantees. Even the most modest purchase becomes the subject of close attention and care on our part.

Safety and comfort are two key principles that characterize the company's approach to work. MBL Tour provides a simple and straightforward process for buying furniture in China. Our team does everything possible to fulfill even the most difficult tasks of the client.

Since 2008, we have been accompanying clients to the high-tech world of China. Our managers are fluent in Chinese, which makes communication easier, and are well versed in the Chinese furniture market. Considering our extensive experience, we guarantee the client the comfort of every trip.

Foshan is one of the most commercially developed cities in the country with a population of about 8,000,000. The largest number of furniture manufacturers is concentrated here. Therefore, we organize furniture tours here.

Technical issues - the purchase of goods, quality control of production, interaction with factories and control of their compliance with all obligations, consolidation, storage, logistics, customs clearance, presence at unloading (in some regions), as well as warranty obligations - we undertake. You are left with only pleasant impressions from profitable acquisitions and the opportunity to get to know Chinese culture better.

Company МБЛтур
Office in China
MBL Tour has its own office and experienced staff in China. There are also Russian speakers among them, which makes the communication process possible
Company МБЛтур
We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Our company is a member of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.