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About us

MBL Tour is an online service for turnkey procurement of interior items in China.
With our service you can complete your facility with furniture, plumbing, lighting, finishing materials, décor, textiles and other essential goods from China's leading manufacturers from the comfort of your home.
more than 20 countries around the world
30 employees on staff who speak both Russian and Chinese.
facilities are completed every year
дилерские договоры со 138 производствами в городах: Фошане, Гужене, Донгуане.


  • A consultant will contact you by phone, clarify your requests by category, size of object, budget, terms and city of delivery
  • After the call you can send us the design-project or just a photo of the furniture models you like. We will choose key items from the suppliers in China and provide an estimate of the cost of goods.
  • The estimate service is free of charge at the first stage.

Online meeting

  • Introduce you to our manager Cyril and the manager in China who will carry out the selection of goods for your site
  • Show presentation with cost calculation on your key items. At this stage you can already see the real savings and feasibility of completing the interior from China, as well as ask any questions about materials, cost, delivery and timing.
  • Manager in China will clarify your preferences, make a selection of products on the project or find analogues, show the entire range of available materials and calculate the cost in accordance with the size and quality categories of goods.

Conclusion of contract + prepayment of $1000

  •  A deposit of $1,000 is made in advance of signing the contract.
  • You will be assigned a personal MBL manager, who will assist you in choosing everything you need for your project within 30 days.
  • The fee is 10% of the total order amount. The minimum order receipt is $30,000.

Legal responsibility

MBL is a Chinese mainland company, so we place all orders in factories from a legal entity, which guarantees the security of the transaction with suppliers.

We represent your interests in China and assume all risks.

A guarantee of product quality

The MBL team has over the years audited over 300 manufacturers and selected only tried and tested quality factories, many of which are suppliers to the European market.

The MBL team has its own independent quality assurance department, which scrutinises and records all orders by photo and video.

Full payment for an order is only made once a photo and video report of your order has been submitted.

Awards, acknowledgments
Our team
What designers are saying about us
What the media and designers think of us
"MBL Tour has been organising furniture tours to China for CIS residents (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia) since 2008."
If you decide to buy stone in China, MBL Tour is the perfect guide. They will follow and supervise every step in the production of your order.
A furniture tour is an opportunity to buy high-status furniture and décor at the manufacturer's price. And along with it - to go on a trip. MBL Tour can help you combine business with pleasure.
MBL Tour specialists can prepare full or partial designs and furniture layouts.
A review of the furniture tour by video blogger Kasyo Hasanov, whose YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers.
"MBL Tour organises all trips in such a way as to leave time for the client to relax. All wishes can be discussed with the manager who will plan the tour."
Kirill Levin
SEO, founder