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Remote order of furniture from China
Service of complex purchase of furniture from China at a distance. Now you can fully equip the object with furniture from China, without leaving home.
Equip any object with savings of at least 2 times
A unique service solves the problem of completing housing on a turnkey basis. Chinese factories are not inferior to Italian in terms of quality and design, but their furniture is much cheaper. Why? Find out more on the service page.
Get to know our company, our achievements and experience
We have been working in the field of such services since 2008 and we have accumulated enough materials that we can share with you. You can see photos from furniture showrooms, video reviews on trade prices, 360 degree videos from stores in China.
See our gallery, which contains photos and videos about the furniture tour
In our gallery we have collected all possible photo and video materials that relate to the furniture tour to China. You can look at these materials and see that China is the leader in the world of furniture production.
Test our knowledge base for strength! We have collected answers to all your questions
We have collected in a single database all our knowledge about the furniture tour and are happy to share this knowledge with you. Here you will find information about customs clearance, cargo delivery, overhead costs and answers to your other questions.

About company

MBL is an online service for the purchase of interior items from China on a turnkey basis.

With the help of our service, you can equip your object with furniture, plumbing fixtures, lighting, finishing materials, decor, textiles and other necessary goods from leading manufacturers in China without leaving your home.

The geography of supplies is more than 20 countries of the world
Official registration since 2014
The original mainland Chinese company, with a registered capital of RMB 10,000,000
Dealer agreements with 138 factories in Foshan and Guzhen


  • The consultant contacts you by phone, clarifies requests by category, size of the object, budget, terms and city of delivery of goods
  • After the call, you can send us your design project or just a photo of the furniture models you like, and we carry out the selection of key positions from our partner factories in China, agree on the best conditions and provide a calculation of the cost of goods.
  • This service is provided for you free of charge.

Online meeting

  • We introduce you to our head Kirill Levin and a manager in China, who will carry out the selection of goods for your object.
  • We will demonstrate to you a presentation with a cost calculation for your key positions. At this stage, you can already see the real economy and the feasibility of completing the interior from China. You can also ask any questions regarding materials, prices, delivery and timing.
  • The manager in China will clarify your preferences for quality, exact correspondence of products to the project or search for analogues, materials, sizes and cost category for further selection of goods in your price range.

Conclusion of the contract + prepayment 1000 $

  • When concluding a contract, you make an advance payment of a commission of $ 1000, after which a personal manager in China is assigned to you.
  • Our commission is 10% of the total value of your order. If the order exceeds $ 100,000, the manager personally calculates the discount for the commission.
  • Payment can be made through any bank convenient for you, which carries out transfers abroad. The time for receipt of funds to the current account of our company in China takes 1-3 days, depending on the bank.

Legal responsibility

Under Chinese law, only a company that is a legal entity in China has the right to appeal for defective or untimely manufacturing of a product.

In this case, we are such a company and we represent your interests in China.

Product quality guarantee

For 14 years of work, we have established partnerships with proven, reliable factories, many of which are suppliers to the Italian and European markets.

Each company has its own quality department, as well as all the necessary certificates. And they comply with European quality standards.

Cargo insurance

According to the contract, we take care of all claims and solve at our own expense.

Money insurance

Our company has an official legal entity, with its own unique number, which you can check.

If you doubt the transparency of our work, you can write a request to the Chinese Consulate. And thus find out:

  • does our legal entity exist,
  • do we pay taxes.

Under Chinese law, you are eligible to file a claim.

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Что о нас говорят дизайнеры?
Михаил Сбоев
Дизайнер интерьеров
Еще в Китае мы оценили качество мебели, познакомились с ребятами из офиса МБЛ Тур, провели много времени в шоурумах. Спустя год мы приехали с первыми заказчиками на комплектацию нашего строящегося объекта. Получилось не только сэкономить, но и получить хорошую мебель. Планируем продолжать работать с МБЛ Тур.
Миша Шапошников
Автор канала “Дневник дизайнера”
С помощью этого сервиса мы уже реализовали несколько клиентских проектов и планируем обращаться к ним постоянно. На моем канале есть несколько видео о поездках за мебелью в Китай, когда мы вместе с ними ездили по торговым центрам и смотрели местную мебель. Увидели аналоги итальянских брендов, купили одну из кроватей под проект. Качество — топовое. Так что если вам нужно укомплектовать объект, ребята из МБЛ Тур вам все круто организуют. Заказывать на удаленке кому-то будет еще удобнее, потому что не придется лишний раз вылетать в Китай.
Студия дизайна Life Art
Дизайнер интерьеров
Еще раз хотим сказать спасибо МБЛ Тур за организацию! В Китае гигантский выбор мебели, это видно и по каталогам, и в поездке. Я потом не могла ходить по московским мебельным центрам, казалось, выбирать просто нечего! Цены, конечно, далеки от московских, если обустраивать квартиру полностью, то можно сэкономить приличные суммы) Свой заказ мы получили, мебель пришла вся в целости и сохранности, полностью под наши параметры. Мы довольны, поэтому рекомендуем тем, кто занимается обустройством домов, квартир, секторов HoReCa и других объектов.
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Кирилл Левин
Генеральный директор