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more than 20 countries around the world
30 employees on staff who speak both Russian and Chinese.
facilities are completed every year
дилерские договоры со 138 производствами в городах: Фошане, Гужене, Донгуане.
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"We know everything about how to choose and buy furniture in China".

MBL Tour came into being when no one yet knew about furniture tours. There were no instructions, no guides, no elaborate algorithms. We created all the tools we use today by ourselves, filling up our own lumps, making and correcting mistakes. Therefore our company today is one of the market leaders.

To get really loyal customers, we worked hard. First, we studied the Chinese furniture market and the mentality of the locals. As a result, MBL Tour identified a set of indicators by which it is possible to distinguish a good manufacturer from a bad one, and our staff were able to find a common language with sellers in China.

We also needed to understand the needs of modern people. When you buy furniture, you pay not only for its quality and suitability for your needs, but also for service, guarantees and time savings. So we developed a safe, comfortable and clear way to buy furniture in China. A nice bonus is that you get to know a new city during your tour. Upon request, we can organize a sightseeing tour of Guangzhou, arrange a tea ceremony and introduce you to the peculiarities of Chinese cuisine.

But that is only half of what we do. There is also the "behind the scenes" - invisible to the customer - that our quality assurance department handles.

It monitors the production of each order and ensures that all the goods are securely packed before being loaded into the container. This responsibility is handled by our quality control team, which takes photos and videos of the production for our customers. We can also organise pick-up and delivery.

MBL Tour currently employs 23 people. The main office is located in Foshan, regional representatives in Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. We deliver cargo not only to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, but also all over the world, including the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain and Canada.

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In all questions relating to a furniture tour to China, please contact our managers.

The minimum cost of the entire order from China is $30,000!

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