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Services in China
Furniture tour to China, Guangzhou, Foshan
Learn more about the furniture tour to China. Here you can view the tour program, find out the overhead costs and send us your design project for calculation
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Selecting goods in factories
Selection of goods in factories
Selection of online goods according to the customer's requirements. All conversation is conducted in Skype or a convenient messenger. You are assigned a personal manager, who supervises you from the beginning of the order, to the shipment of goods.
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Interior designer in China
Designer service in China (charged separately from the price). The designer can measure the required furniture and provide a design project to suit your taste based on available catalogs.
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Checking the quality of goods before and after shipment
We have been sourcing furniture for clients for over 10 years. We have been to factories in Italy. Our controllers are former furniture makers who have a lot of experience in furniture.
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Logistics from China to any country/city where you live. Choose from: air, rail, road. We will offer the most convenient (cheap/safe) option for transportation.
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Reviews of factories in China
Minotti furniture factory
Poliform Furniture Factory
OKASA sanitary ware factory
Baccarat Light Factory
GROK Light Factory
FENDI Furniture Factory
Bathroom furniture factory SSWW
Boca Do Lobo furniture factory
Live from factories in China

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I found MBLtour on the internet. I also saw their advertisement from one of the bloggers who demonstrated a trip, a tour for furniture. I chose MBLtour because I realized that they have been on the market for a long time: I have connected to them many times, watched, observed them and realized that the long-standing company. Because of reputation.

We turned to them because we needed to furnish the whole house. Previously, my husband had ordered (the apartment was in Krasnodar) and they turned to the guys. And in general, the desire to order furniture arose because we went in 2015 went to Guangzhou and just saw these Chinese factories and realized that we should order. The choice is big.

We needed all the furniture. We started looking for a firm that would be able to accompany us, show us, tell us. And we considered 3-4 firms. We settled on MBLtour because of their serious approach and attitude. And they were not afraid to show prices, showed catalogs, showed what we can buy. Others tried to disguise that they were trying to hide information somewhere, so that we could use it.

Bloggers on a visit to the MBLTour. Testimonials
Mikhail Shaposhnikov (980,000 subscribers)
Kaso Hasanov (597,000 subscribers)
Anna Bond (blogger from Belarus)
Interior Design (572,000 subscribers)
The interior is on point (240,000 subscribers).
GEOMETRIUM (445,000 subscribers)
What the media and designers think of us
"MBL Tour has been organising furniture tours to China for CIS residents (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia) since 2008."
If you decide to buy stone in China, MBL Tour is the perfect guide. They will follow and supervise every step in the production of your order.
A furniture tour is an opportunity to buy high-status furniture and décor at the manufacturer's price. And along with it - to go on a trip. MBL Tour can help you combine business with pleasure.
MBL Tour specialists can prepare full or partial designs and furniture layouts.
A review of the furniture tour by video blogger Kasyo Hasanov, whose YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers.
"MBL Tour organises all trips in such a way as to leave time for the client to relax. All wishes can be discussed with the manager who will plan the tour."
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In all questions relating to a furniture tour to China, please contact our managers.

The minimum cost of the entire order from China is $30,000!

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