Furniture tour to China, Guangzhou, Foshan
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Here you will find real information about the furniture tour to China and the services provided by our company
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Furniture tour to China, Guangzhou, Foshan


What is a "furniture tour"?

Furniture tour is one of the types of shopping tourism. During the trip, tourists buy goods for home improvement, and it's not just about pieces of furniture. In China, you can buy lamps, decorative elements, textiles, plumbing, garden furniture and even finishing materials. The service appeared on the market about 8 years ago, while Chinese goods were in demand long before that. Residents of the Far Eastern regions of Russia began to go shopping in China in the early 2000s – the price was attractive, and the trip took little time.

Every year the service becomes more and more popular, especially among the population of the CIS countries. Our furniture industry is developing slowly, while China offers a limitless choice of interior items. In 2015, the MBL Tour company conducted more than 160 individual tours in China, and in 2016 – already 189.

Furniture tour to China is a suitable option for those who need to furnish a cottage, an apartment with a square footage of more than 100 sq.m., a hotel or a restaurant. The trip becomes profitable when purchasing from $30,000, in this case, the client's savings are up to 60%.

The phenomenon of Chinese furniture.

For the last 15 years, South China has been recognized as a world furniture center. A huge raw material base is concentrated in this region, so Chinese and many European brands are trying to place their factories here.

The Chinese are the first to apply the latest technologies, follow global trends in design and create their own trends, which allows them to remain leaders in the furniture market. Chinese factories have European quality standards, while their products are several times cheaper than Italian ones.

We are sure that a furniture tour is the best way to purchase abroad. After all, you need to choose the furniture personally in order to touch the upholstery, check the accessories and the stiffness of the springs in the mattress. The picture and description of the online resource will not help to assess the ergonomics of the object and the quality of execution. Moreover, no catalog can accommodate the many models that Chinese factories have.

The furniture tour takes place in several cities of Southern China – Guangzhou, Foshan, Guzhen and Shunde. They are distinguished by a well-thought-out infrastructure: shopping centers are located in close proximity to each other, each of them has hundreds and hundreds of showrooms.

How does our company work?

The MBL Tour company has been organizing furniture tours to China for more than 8 years. The main office is located in Guangzhou (China), and regional offices are located in Moscow, Minsk and Kiev.

Our work on customer support consists of three stages. The first one is preparatory. After you leave a request, the manager contacts you to clarify the request. The economic benefit of the venture is determined by the area of the object, the number of positions and your stylistic preferences. If you are our client, the manager develops a suitable tour route, selects departure dates, helps to apply for a visa and book a hotel.

The second stage is the furniture tour itself. At Guangzhou Airport, you will be met by an interpreter manager and a personal driver who will be there from morning to evening during the trip. Every day you visit shopping centers, choose samples and make orders. Our managers have been studying the Chinese furniture market for more than three years – they will warn against unreliable manufacturers.

You conclude an international contract with us, and we, in turn, conclude an international contract with Chinese factories on behalf of the MBL Tour company. This means that we (and not the manufacturers) are responsible to you for the quality of the order.


At the end of the trip, you leave an advance payment – 30% of the total purchase price.

The third stage is production control and delivery. You go home, and our quality control department monitors the production of the order at all stages. Managers make detailed photo reports and regularly send them to you for verification. After the order is ready, you transfer the remaining amount under the contract to the company's account.

Manufactured furniture items are accumulated in our warehouse. To ensure the reliability of transportation, the employees of the control department pack the goods in foam and bubble wrap, and then - in a plywood box. Our logistics department deals with order delivery, customs clearance and shipment.

Question - answer

How much does a furniture tour cost?

The cost of the tour consists of:

  • flight (the cost of round-trip tickets is from $400, depending on the booking period;
  • accommodation (good hotels-from $50 per day;
  • support services (calculation – $100 per day;
  • the client pays a commission of 5% of the order value to our company (this amount includes transaction support, communication with manufacturers in the process of clarifying the order and production, quality control of goods with an unlimited number of visits to factories, communication with the customer, preparation of goods for shipment, as well as preparation of documents for transportation of goods).

What services are included in the tour price?

During the furniture tour, the client is accompanied by our managers-interpreters who know the Chinese furniture market well. We also provide a car with a personal driver to facilitate the client's movement around Guangzhou. The cost of our escort is $100 per day for two.

MBL Tour Company Car
Our company car showroom

The client also pays our company 5% of the cost of the entire order. This amount includes quality control of the production of goods at all stages with an unlimited number of visits of specialists, full support of the order, consolidation of cargo and storage before shipment, preparation of a full package of documents.

How much will I save when I buy my furniture in China?

When purchasing for more than $30,000, the savings will be from 2 to 5 times (compared to buying the same items in your region).

How long does the delivery and customs clearance take?

On average, container delivery takes 1.5 months, customs clearance - from 3 to 10 days.

How much does the delivery and customs clearance cost?

The cost of delivery depends on the volume of the container, the cost of customs clearance depends on the product codes, weight and material. But the total amount of overhead costs will not exceed 40% of the cost of the entire order.

Where will my order be delivered?

We deliver the order directly to the client's house.

Comparison of furniture prices in China

цена на диван Arketipo в шоу-руме Гуанчжоу и в странах СНГ (Россия, Украина, Беларусь)

What is profitable to buy in China?

From the height of our work experience, we have compiled a small "rating" of product categories that are especially profitable to purchase in Guangzhou. The difference in price for these categories is significant.

. . . .
Product group Benefit
Lighting The benefit is up to 10 times
Stone, tile, Marble Benefit is up to 3 times
Solid wood furniture Benefit is up to 3 times
Decoration and knitwear Benefit up to 6 times
Sanitaryware Benefit up to 3 times

In which cities does the purchase take place?

More than 6,000 Chinese furniture brands place their production facilities in Southern China. Plus-about 20% of European ones. No store in your city will offers such a variety of models that you will find in Chinese showrooms.

Our clients make the main purchases in Guangzhou, Foshan, Guzhen and Shunde. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, one of the largest shopping centers in China. By the way, the port of Guangzhou was the beginning of the Great Silk Road.

The climate in Guangzhou is subtropical, so it is better to plan trips to this region for autumn and winter.

The main furniture city in Southern China is considered to be Foshan, it is located 16 km from Guangzhou. In addition to the incredible variety of furniture, Foshan is famous for the production of ceramics, a significant part of which is exported.

Gujen is a recognized city of "light". Lighting devices from 10 thousand companies are presented in its shopping centers. We can bet that you will find any chandelier there.

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