Cases: дистанционный заказ мебели из Китая
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Cases of furniture tours of our clients
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"There was no fear": a designer on how to bring a customer's interior from China
03.04.2021г. 22:33
Alexander has already brought interiors for his clients from China several times. This time he had the task of furnishing a two-room apartment with a combined kitchen and living room. We took a short interview with him, and at the same time looked at the finished apartment.
To be done in 7 days: customers have completed 10 apartments with furniture from China
24.03.2021г. 03:45
The arrangement of one apartment can take years. Our clients have selected interiors for 10 apartments in a week. Look what came out of it.
"I was skeptical": how buying in China changes opinions and home
13.03.2021г. 05:03
Customers from Minsk furnished a 180 m² apartment in 5 days and are planning another purchase in China.
Dozens of positions in the classic style
27.02.2021г. 00:38
The clients have arranged a huge two-level apartment with an attic in a classic style in the tour. See how their house looks now.
"Solid four with plus": clients from Switzerland appreciated the furniture tour
02.02.2021г. 01:24
Svetlana arranged a country house on the tour and divided all purchases into two categories - "excellent" and "good".
Neoclassicism: arrangement of a country house and apartment
21.01.2021г. 01:28
Elena arranged a house on a furniture tour in 2018, and now she has placed another order, already remotely. The case contains a lot of classic-style furniture and luxurious lighting.
More than 20 lighting fixtures and analogues from Italian brands: Purchase for a home of 140 m²
29.12.2020г. 01:32
Marina and Victor bought furniture, plumbing, lighting, decor and some finishing materials. We worked without a design project, only from the client's references and our catalogs.
On a builder's tip tour: buying for a 500 m² house
02.12.2020г. 01:34
Vitaly and Tatiana had a superhero task: there was not much time to buy furniture in China, but there were more than 70 items on the shopping list.
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"MBL Tour" organizes all trips in such a way as to leave the client time for rest. All wishes can be discussed with the manager who will plan the tour.
Furniture tour is an opportunity to buy status furniture and décor at the manufacturer's price. And with it - to go on a trip. Combine business with pleasure will help the company "MBL Tour".
If you decide to buy a stone in China, the company "MBL Tour" will be an excellent guide. Monitor and control each stage of production of your order.
Specialists of "MBL Tour" can prepare a full or partial design project, as well as make a scheme of furniture arrangement.
Video about how the popular interior designer and YouTube blogger Mikhail Shaposhnikov came to visit us, more than 200,000 people subscribed to his channel "Designer's Diary".
Review of the furniture tour from video blogger Kasho Hasanov, whose YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers.
"MBL Tour" organizes furniture tours to China for residents of the CIS (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia) since 2008.


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