Furniture tours: cooperation with interior designers and architects
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Cooperation with architects and designers
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For architects and designers

Cooperation with architects and designers


That's all well and good,

you're thinking. -But how can I personally benefit from a furniture tour?

To go into more detail about the superiority of the Chinese furniture market, it's worth explaining in more detail. Buying from China can be very advantageous when you order luxury furniture as well as when you buy in bulk. The thing is that the shipping costs and customs clearance do not depend on the cargo value; it is calculated on the basis of the container size, method of transportation and distance to the customer. From our own experience: Chinese furniture of precious wood will cost 4-5 times cheaper than similar samples of Italian production. Just imagine how grateful customers will be when you'll give them a design project with prices in China. You can't deny that everyone, even the wealthiest individual, wants to save money.

The appeal of China's offer has long been recognised by restaurateurs and hoteliers. They not only stock furniture and decorations for their own flat or cottage but also HoReCa facilities. We ve& been& working with& this segment&for&the&first&year,too. We helped furnish several restaurants in Moscow and one in Minsk - you&can¬find information about those sites in the section "Furniture for cafes, restaurants and bars from China".

As for the furniture tour itself, you can go to China either with the client or without them. Some designers send customers to pick their furniture. We have a team of experienced sales people with knowledge of both interior styles and furniture making. You entrust them with&the& choice& of&interior&items&you&need,&but&we&need&to& think&about&the&itinerary& together. Designers, architects and partners:

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