About us: дистанционный заказ мебели из Китая
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The company "MBL Tour" is a service of the highest level, attention to all your needs and always available Prices.
MBL Tour

About us

The company “ MBL Tour” arranges furniture tours to China to make the famous brands’ products much more affordable providing a better variety of choice at the same time.
The geography of supplies is more than 20 countries of the world
Official registration since 2014
The original mainland Chinese company, with a registered capital of RMB 10,000,000
Dealer agreements with 138 factories in Foshan and Guzhen

Our team

Kirill Levin
Accompanying manager
in China
Accompanying manager
in China
Senior Department
quality control
Head of Department
sales in China
Head of Financial
Fei Fei
Senior Manager
for ordering with factories
Lai Peng

More about our company

We know very well about how to choose and buy furniture in China.

MBL Tour company was established when nobody knew about furniture tours at all. There were no instructions, guides, well-developed algorithms. We had to create ourselves all the mechanisms that are used now, sometimes making and correcting mistakes. Therefore, today our company is one of the market leaders.

We have worked hard to get truly loyal customers. First, we carefully studied the Chinese furniture market and the peculiarities of the mentality of local residents. As a result, MBL Tour has identified a set of signs by which one can distinguish a good manufacturer from a bad one, and our employees managed to find a common language with sellers in China.

We also needed to understand the needs of a modern person. When buying furniture, you pay not only for its quality and for its meeting your needs, but also for service, guarantees and saving your time . Therefore, we have developed a safe, comfortable and understandable way of buying furniture in China. A nice bonus is that during the tour you will get to know a new city for yourself. At the request of customers, we can organize a sightseeing tour of Guangzhou, arrange a tea ceremony and let you know about the peculiarities of the Chinese cuisine.

But this is only half of our work. There are also "behind the scenes" processes invisible to the client, which our quality control department deals with.

It performs the task of monitoring the manufacture of each order, as well as making sure that the packaging is reliable before the goods are loaded into the container. These responsibilities are performed by the quality control department, and its employees prepare photo and video reports from production for customers. We can also organize the registration and delivery of the order.

Now the staff of MBL Tour employs 23 people. The main office of the company is located in Foshan, regional representatives are in Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. We deliver goods not only to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, but all over the world, including the Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain and Canada.

Мы в социальных сетях
Что о нас говорят дизайнеры?
Михаил Сбоев
Дизайнер интерьеров
Еще в Китае мы оценили качество мебели, познакомились с ребятами из офиса МБЛ Тур, провели много времени в шоурумах. Спустя год мы приехали с первыми заказчиками на комплектацию нашего строящегося объекта. Получилось не только сэкономить, но и получить хорошую мебель. Планируем продолжать работать с МБЛ Тур.
Миша Шапошников
Автор канала “Дневник дизайнера”
С помощью этого сервиса мы уже реализовали несколько клиентских проектов и планируем обращаться к ним постоянно. На моем канале есть несколько видео о поездках за мебелью в Китай, когда мы вместе с ними ездили по торговым центрам и смотрели местную мебель. Увидели аналоги итальянских брендов, купили одну из кроватей под проект. Качество — топовое. Так что если вам нужно укомплектовать объект, ребята из МБЛ Тур вам все круто организуют. Заказывать на удаленке кому-то будет еще удобнее, потому что не придется лишний раз вылетать в Китай.
Студия дизайна Life Art
Дизайнер интерьеров
Еще раз хотим сказать спасибо МБЛ Тур за организацию! В Китае гигантский выбор мебели, это видно и по каталогам, и в поездке. Я потом не могла ходить по московским мебельным центрам, казалось, выбирать просто нечего! Цены, конечно, далеки от московских, если обустраивать квартиру полностью, то можно сэкономить приличные суммы) Свой заказ мы получили, мебель пришла вся в целости и сохранности, полностью под наши параметры. Мы довольны, поэтому рекомендуем тем, кто занимается обустройством домов, квартир, секторов HoReCa и других объектов.
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