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Svetlana arranged a country house on the tour and divided all purchases into two categories - "excellent" and "good".
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"Solid four with plus": clients from Switzerland appreciated the furniture tour

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Svetlana spent 7 days on the furniture tour - this time was enough to buy everything for the house and the plot.

- That week in China was intense and interesting: we visited this country for the first time. I would like to believe that it will not be the last, because we have ideas for interesting tourist routes.

All the furniture is already at home.

We are already actively using most of the purchased items, but something is still waiting in the wings in the boxes. But we would not have been able to assemble the interior in China without the help of our accompanying manager. Peter has extensive experience working with vendors and manufacturers in China. Thank you very much for buying good products at a reasonable price.

Two categories - "excellent" and "good"

Fast forward to the suburbs of Geneva. Four months after the tour, the cargo was delivered there for the clients.

Svetlana's house

Svetlana conventionally divided the goods from the order into 2 categories: "excellent" and "good".

“I classify 90% of everything we bought as“ excellent ”.

Both the product and the manufacturing companies can easily recommend other customers for purchase.

1. Outdoor tiles made of natural travertine, which I enjoy looking at. This is a very beautiful stone. The only thing was that we needed to take another + 10% to the exact calculations, because there was no longer enough for the pool. Had to buy similar tiles locally.


3. The furniture for our daughter's bedroom: a large wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a secretaire table, an armchair.

Furniture in the room of Svetlana's daughter
On the right is a photo of the chair in the interior, on the left  can be seen checking of the height of the chair in the warehouse

4. A console made of eco-leather that imitates crocodile has appeared in the hallway: it looks spectacular.

5. An upholstered corner of armchairs with a carriage coupler, which cats instantly took a fancy to, and a Versace-style coffee table.

Coffee table - $ 1,449, photo from quality control and in the interior
Chairs - $ 2,173 (2 pcs.). On the left - a photo taken during quality control, on the right - a photo of the chair in the interior

6. Stylish side table and table lamp.

Photo of the table taken during a quality control, a table and a lamp in the interior

7. All bathroom mirrors.

Mirrors received "excellent", but the furniture itself was awarded only the mark "good"

In the “good” category, I include  products that have minimal flaws that I was not aware of.

1. A set of bathroom furniture. It is very stylish, close to the art deco direction, as if straight from the 30s. But there is one "but": small defects in painting. They become noticeable if you look very closely.

2. For the second bathroom, we ordered only a countertop for two sinks. We are happy with the shape, but the new countertop needs constant and careful maintenance.

Countertop under the sink - $ 400. Photo in the interior and during the quality check

3. Carpets that are very pleasant to be touched, stylish and fit perfectly into the overall concept. But they are not suitable for a family with pets: carpets are made using a "printed" technique, so our cats easily pull the threads out of them.

These are, perhaps, the nuances that did not allow us to “reach” the top five. In any case, all our tasks have been completed: the house is equipped as we planned.

If we were asked whether we would go on such a tour with our team again allow us the circumstances, we would certainly say” yes”.

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