"There were no fears": designer on how to bring an interior from China for the customer
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Alexander has already brought interiors for his clients from China several times. This time he had the task of furnishing a two-room apartment with a combined kitchen and living room. We took a short interview with him, and at the same time looked at the finished apartment.
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"There was no fear": a designer on how to bring a customer's interior from China

White walls, parquet flooring and a gorgeous view of the sea were all at the disposal of Alexander Osipov, the designer who brought the interior from China for his client.

Designer Alexander Osipov, Sochi
Alexander Osipov, project designer

What is the concept of a two-bedroom with a combined kitchen and living room, why there is a floor lamp in the form of a naked man, and why China? Alexander told us about all of this in the video.


One bedroom apartment
70 m2
Up to date
Implementation period::
4 months


We started working with this apartment when there were only white walls and parquet flooring. We had the task of making a kitchen-living room combined with the dining area, as well as a bedroom.

Everything for the arrangement of these areas was purchased in China.

In the end, they were bought:


- First we made a project, approved collages and sketches with the client and formed a budget, with which we went to China to select the furniture. On the basis of the concept and design, we knew that we wanted to get everything in one place and in one consignment. So we went straight to the factories in China.

Ideally, already at the design stage, understanding what kind of furniture it will be, what materials it will be made of speeds up the search process. We knew all the dimensions, we knew the construction of all the furniture - built-in furniture, upholstered furniture and the dining room group, so it was easy to choose. We already knew that this furniture existed, that it would be a certain factory.

For Alexander, as for any designer or customer, it is important to understand what the interior will be like in the end. If you have a visualization or examples of what you want to buy, our specialists can find if not identical samples, then 99% similar. Many manufacturers can make products to your request: to increase or decrease the size, change the materials and colors. So, looking at the visualization and the finished interior you will see minimal difference.

Living room interior and views


- It all started with the floor lamp. Black and graphic - it became the basis of our design. At the stage of the design project it was clear what kind of furniture we wanted, what we wanted, in what colors and materials.

The floor lamp that set the tone for the whole project


- One of the main objectives was to make a large kitchen that would be convenient for cooking, but at the same time not clutter the living room space. The kitchen is completely monochrome, the only thing that works in contrast here is the cooktop and the oven. The storage system is concealed, there is a built-in refrigerator and dishwasher.

A laconic kitchen in which all appliances are "hidden"

— We knew what color we needed, what models, because we had visualizations. There was a clear understanding of what kind of interior will eventually turn out. Although the biggest issue was the sofa. We thought for a long time what it should be: in leather or in fabric, what color. In the end, we chose white, but there were a lot of concerns, because it is easily soiled , and the living room is combined with the kitchen, next to the sofa there is a dining group, but we dared and chose this color.


A snow-white sofa, which the designer finally decided on

— We understood that the interior would be built on contrasts. They have chosen a light floor, it seems to continue the theme of sunny days, of which there are quite a lot in Sochi. This is the integration of external and internal space, so that the sun would "go" inside.

We chose neutral shades for the furniture, but bright touches were needed. And we created them with textiles and decor.

Painting as a way to dilute the overall monochrome

Alexander emphasizes that in the implementation format, when designers themselves purchase everything for the future interior in another country, the customer's trust is important.

— We implemented the project on behalf of the customer — he fully trusted us, for which we are graetful to him very much. At the same time, we had no concerns about China: this is not our first purchase there, so we did not even think that something would not be delivered there.

Finally, we asked Alexander a question about whether it is possible to make a cool interior without a design project at all.

—Probably not. Only when you have planned the budget, the interior and know the result, you can safely go shopping. And in conditions when the borders are closed and the choice is small, it can be done in China and remotely.

Remote ordering is one of the ways to complete the interior without leaving home. Here you will learn how to buy everything for your facility from China.

Alexander Osipov
Author of the project
There were no fears: we did not even think that something would not reach
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