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The clients have arranged a huge two-level apartment with an attic in a classic style in the tour. See how their house looks now.
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Dozens of positions in the classic style

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Irina and Andrei spent seven days in China. During that time, they bought furniture, lighting, and decor for their 150 m² duplex apartment.

The couple did not have a design project, but our designer helped them: he consulted and designed some areas. As a result we got what we wanted: an interior in the style of Italian classics with elements of neoclassicism. By the way, our client Elena also arranged her house in this style, and you can read about it here.

Furniture tour

Irina and Andrei flew with their daughter Varvara, so they were able to combine business with pleasure: and pick up everything for the house, and a little rest for the whole family.

The range of furniture in China is impressive, but it is difficult to navigate in the shopping centers without an escort. The personal manager studied the task even before the clients arrived and mapped out the route, so Irina and Andrei immediately went to the appropriate showrooms.

Furniture elements can be changed at will: choose the color of upholstery or fittings, increase or decrease dimensions. All this is fixed in the specification, so mistakes during production are excluded.

These are the colors of the dining chairs offered to customers in one of the showrooms

Production and quality control

When the orders are placed at the factories, prepayment is made for them, customers go home. It is 3 months before the container of furniture, lighting, and decorations arrives. During this time, clients stay in touch with a personal manager and coordinate each item by photo before shipment. For example, such photos were received by Irina and Andrew.

Furniture for the attic at the quality control

Once all the goods are coordinated, our specialists pack them and prepare them for shipment. In 3 months, customers will already see the furniture in their apartment.

Result: furniture in the interior

When the container with the order arrived, the interior finish work had just been completed in the client's house. All that was left was to arrange the furniture, decorations, and install lighting. Now their apartment is fully equipped.

Living room

Customers changed the color of upholstered furniture for the living room: in the showroom, the sofas were in white and the armchair in purple
Living room furniture at the quality inspection: the same sofa upholstered in genuine leather and a wooden table with a marble top


Kitchen & Dining Area

Photos of the interior
Dining table and chairs at the quality control. The chairs looked different in the showroom: clients changed the color and upholstery material


The photo of the furnished study
Study furniture on quality control


This is what the furnished bedroom looks like
Bed and bedside tables at quality control

Furniture for the children's room

The  interior of the children's room
The chest of drawers and table at the quality check. They, like the main part of the furniture, are made of natural wood

It happens that clients come back from a tour and realize that they forgot to buy something. Or, for example, they didn't pick it up on the spot and now regret it. This is not a problem, because everything can be ordered from home: this is how Irina and Andrei chose the mirrors. By the way, a house, apartment or HoReCa facility can also be fitted out online: we have a remote ordering service.

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