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Marina and Victor bought furniture, plumbing, lighting, decor and some finishing materials. We worked without a design project, only from the client's references and our catalogs.
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More than 20 lighting fixtures and analogues from Italian brands: Purchase for a home of 140 m²

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Marina and Victor got in touch with us  when they started renovating their house. They no longer needed finishing materials. But they did need the following:

  • furniture,
  • plumbing,
  •  lighting,
  • decor.

Marina did not have a design project, but she shared the references with us. This is a common practice: we will help you find something to your liking, even if the interior of your dreams lives only in your imagination.

In the process, it became clear: analogs of Italian furniture in a modern style are what they needed.

Another way to find out about the range in China is to look at our reviews. Every week we publish new videos from showrooms: they show furniture, kitchens, plumbing fixtures, finishes, everything with prices.

7 days for purchasing, 3 months for production and delivery

Clients themselves determine the deadlines in which they need to meet. Of course, the more time, the better: you can safely choose what you need. But there were cases when only 5 days were allocated for the purchase of furniture for a house with an area of ​​500 m². And the clients coped - we talked about this in another article.

Marina and Victor wanted not only to buy everything for the house, but also to have some rest, so they spent a week in China. During this time, the program was completed to the maximum.

It usually takes 3-4 months from the time of the trip to China to the delivery of the goods. At this time, customers receive photos and videos from production inspections from our quality control department. Specialists go to factories, take pictures of goods and send all materials to customers. Only after the client has looked and approved all the photos, the furniture is prepared for shipment.

What was bought?

Lighting. More than 20 lamps were delivered to the clients - chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, table lamps.

There are 4 types of lamps in the hall, and all are bought in China

And this is how it looks in the interior of the bedroom

And here they are in the recreation room, along with other lamps: attention to the area above the drum kit

Pendant lamp and floor lamp paired in our customers' kitchen

Furniture. These are sofas, beds, armchairs, consoles, dressers, tables, bedside tables.

Headboard and bed frame, photo by Quality Control Department

Assembled bed in the bedroom interior

Photo of the sofa from the quality control: always with a measuring tape, so the customer can see the size of the product

The sofa in the dining area, at a cost of $6,000

Plumbing and finishing materials. When the clients were getting ready for the tour, the house was already being decorated, so they didn't plan on choosing a "finish". But in the end they bought porcelain stoneware and outdoor mosaics.

Of the plumbing fixtures, customers picked up sinks, a bathtub, several shower racks, faucets, toilets and bidets.

Fragments of luminaires at the quality inspection

Photos from the bathtub test

Bathroom interior

Shower system at the quality test and in the customer's home

If you are also planning to furnish your home, apartment or HoReCa facility, now you can do it remotely from home. Tell us about your object or send us a design project so that we can make an estimate.

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